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Training and educating communities to assist in reintegrating returning citizen’s from incarceration to successful contributors.


The United States Department of Justice estimates that 96% of all people currently in prison will be released.

In Nebraska, approximately 1 in 44 people are under or have been under some degree of correctional control (such as probation, parole, or release). *Nearly one-half of people released return to prison. *

When a person returns to prison, that person has created additional victims. Tax payers incur more costs and our communities are less safe.

The cost of housing a person in prison is approximately $24,000 per year. *

Most people released from prison sincerely hope and plan to change. Many fall back into bad habits.


*Pew Research Center



People released from prison often have unreal expectations of their abilities to cope with stress and temptations. If they do not have job skills, they face difficulties finding gainful employment. Some go back to old neighborhoods and old friends, which leads to falling back to old habits.

Without options and without support teams, some of the people released from prison have little or no hope of changing. They want to change, but can’t.

Perhaps they do not know what resources are available in the community. They have no contacts for jobs or housing, their two greatest needs.

They might not have transportation to get to counseling or treatment. Hopelessness sets in. They fall back to what they know and what “worked” (at least for a time) in the past.

They have no anchor or foundation.



You along with a team of 4-6 other caring, interested members of the community.

Nebraska Aftercare IN Action allows individuals who want to make a difference find resources to help someone create a better life.

The team works in cooperation with Department of Corrections personnel, counselors, advisors, employers, and other support groups and agencies. This network gives people released from prison (participants) the tools they need to avoid going back to prison.

The team reduces the financial burdens created by incarcerating individuals and makes our communities safer by reducing crime.

The team is the anchor a person might need to change a life, create a future, and be a productive contributing member of society, perhaps for the first time ever.




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