Nebraska Aftercare In Action – Our Service

Nebraska Aftercare In Action (NAIA) provides reentry advocacy for ex-offenders. Our service begins when an inmate or a current Reentrant completes an application for assistance. Once this application is received, it is reviewed and the applicant is provided written communication as to their status for assistance.

If approved, the Reentrant is assigned a NAIA trained Reentry Advocate Team (AT) consisting of community volunteers. Ideally, the team begins its advocacy at least three months prior to the Reentrant's projected release date. This pre-release advocacy is the first step in forming a relationship with the Reentrant and helping them to identify the personal and community resources they will need to connect with and utilize upon release.

Once released, the AT continues its advocacy for a minimum of 12 months by providing ongoing help to the Reentrant in identifying, connecting with, and utilizing personal and community resources. The AT and the Reentrant hold one another accountable by forming a series of covenants that outline the expectations between the two. Specifically, the covenants will cover reentry issues such as transportation, housing, budget, employment, recovery, spiritual needs, and community service. 

The Rule of Time and Effect will be used to guide the development and deployment of the covenants. The Rule of Time refers to the practice of planning the first three hours of the Reentrant's freedom. During those three hours, the next three days are planned. During that 72-hour period, the AT has its first formal meeting with the Reentrant. During that first meeting, the first covenant is drawn up that covers the next three weeks. Towards the end of that 3-week period, the AT and the Reentrant meet again to determine the success of the covenant and to agree upon a new covenant and time frame for review.

The Rule of Time and Effect refers to the principle that each choice and decision made has an effect. The quality of that effect reflects that quality of the choice or decision. Part of the AT's role is to encourage the Reentrant to make positive and healthy choices. 

Nebraska Aftercare In Action – Success Defined

We have succeeded if the Reentrant testifies that his/her quality of life has improved as a result of being engaged with NAIA.