Nebraska Aftercare In Action Volunteer Application Packet




Our Social Contract

NAIA is a volunteer program designed to help inmates transition back into society.


The Objective:

“Helping inmates connect to local resources to that they can successfully reenter our communities.”


Who are the Volunteers?

The volunteers are people in our communities from young adults to seniors who have a desire to help returning citizen’s transitioning back into society.


What are the volunteer’s responsibilities?

1.     Complete the volunteer application process.

2.     Complete the volunteer training.

3.     Meet with the participant twice a week, for one hour or longer, and provide this support for a minimum of 12 months.

4.     Implement program models and guidelines provided in training.

5.     Inform Area Coordinator of concerns and progress.


NEBRASKA Aftercare In Action



1. VOLUNTEER APPLICATION: Each volunteer must submit a completed application with reference information.

2. CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK INFORMATION AND AUTHORIZATION: This information is used by NAIA solely for the purpose of conducting a Criminal History Check of applicants, employees, contractors and volunteers. Conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to consideration for employment, continued employment or volunteer service. Factors such as the date of the offence, the time period between the offence and the present, the nature and seriousness of the offense and rehabilitation will all be considered. Please complete all of the Criminal History information requested. Failure to provide all of the requested information requested will result in rejection of your application or termination from NAIA.

3. PERSONAL REFERENCE: Please provide a person we can call as a reference for you. This should be someone who has known you for the last 2 years or more. Provide their name and phone number. Also, if you were referred to NAIA by another person please provide the person’s name and phone number.

4. INTERVIEW: Once you have submitted a completed application you will be contacted by a representative to schedule an interview.

5. ONLINE TRAINING: All potential Reentry Advocates must complete our Online Training Module and then attend our live eight (8) hour training.

6. ACCEPTANCE: NAIA has the right to accept, deny or remove a volunteer based on incomplete application forms, unfavorable background checks and/or references, an unfavorable interview, or incomplete training.


I am acknowledging that it is my responsibility to see that all information required for becoming a volunteer with NAIA is submitted and that failure to do so will result in my denial or removal as a Reentry Advocate.